The End of Peak Oil?

Building Green logoAlex Wilson of Building Green has recently written an opinion piece disputing the urgency of peak oil.  He believes that all of the new discoveries of oil reserves, from offshore Brazilian fields to recent discoveries in North Dakota, combined with new ‘fracking’ technologies that squeeze more oil from existing fields, have pushed back peak oil by decades, at least.  This is good news for all of those who, with some justification, believed that we were on the precipice of a civilizational collapse with the end of oil.  It is bad news from the perspective of climate change.  We at TM&A have felt that peak oil was overblown for some time, both for the reasons that Wilson documents in his article but also because of energy technologies that we know to be feasible which could dramatically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.  The Energy Amplifier is just one such technology, described in some detail under the Energy section of this website. 

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