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Cargo Bicycles

Here’s the future of everyday people getting into bicycling.  It’s beautiful.  Dave Cohen is a psychologist here in Brattleboro with a strong inclination towards connecting people with nature.  We had lunch today and talked about his work pushing the culture … Continue reading

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The Living Bridges of India

In the depths of northeastern India, in one of the world’s wettest places, bridges aren’t built — they’re grown. Video Imagine working with your daughter or son, maybe your grandchildren, to build something that will last 50 generations?

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The End of Peak Oil?

Alex Wilson of Building Green has recently written an opinion piece disputing the urgency of peak oil.  He believes that all of the new discoveries of oil reserves, from offshore Brazilian fields to recent discoveries in North Dakota, combined with … Continue reading

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Lifecycle Effects of Biodiesel

According to the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standards Program Regulatory Impact Analysis, released in February 2010, biodiesel from soy oil results, on average, in a 57% reduction in greenhouse gases compared to petroleum diesel, and biodiesel produced from waste grease results … Continue reading

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Maitake Mushroom Inoculation

It’s high summer, and a good time to inoculate hardwood trees with edible and medicinal mushrooms.  Lately we have been focused on maitake, or ‘hen of the woods’ mushrooms in and around Brattleboro.  This is part of an agro-forestry initiative … Continue reading

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